Ronald Weinland and the Final Test of a Prophet - The Weinland Window

Ronald Weinland and the Final Test of a Prophet - The Weinland Window

We are nearing the end of the year. Israel's trigger finger grows more itchy by the day. America's future hangs in the balance. Rogue nations and enemy countries stand at the gates.


And RW's words remain. The name of his book was "Endtime 2008 - Gods Final Witness". Regardless of what has happened in the past, this is make or break time.


I had wished to have mink lashes this resolved by now. However, as I stated before, there is still a possibility that RW is truly a prophet of God. There is a possibility he erred in predicting events prematurely, just as there is a possibility God was using his mistake to test the faith of the people.


Ronald Weinland has declared the final timing of the events prophesied in "The Prophesied End-Time" and "Endtime 2008 - Gods Final Witness". The events are listed below:


* September 30 - 1335 Days

* November 14 - 1290 Days

* December 14 - 1260 Days


According to this timeline, December 14 is the key date. That is when, according to Ronald Weinland, Great Tribulation begins. He is also standing by his statement that there will be no new president sworn into office. Those are several verifiable predictions.


In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will further examine world events and how/if/whether they fit into Ronald Weinland's predicted timeline. Regardless of the test of his validity, however, the world is still in deep, deep chaos. Russia has recently awakened from it's slumber and has begun to lash out at neighboring countries. Only a week ago they threatened Poland with a nuclear attack.


Weather conditions continue to deteriorate rapidly as well. As of this writing, Hurricane Gustav has just been upgraded to a Category 4. A 6.1 earthquake just struck China.


Only time will tell if RW is a true or false prophet. The year 2008 is quickly running out. The Weinland Window will be closing soon. The Final Test of a Prophet begins.


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