Face Make-over Tips

Face Make-over Tips

In the early times make-up are already known mostly by women, which they continue to improve at the present. Make-up is an art that contributes to the beauty of a woman's face as well as gives them an elegant look.  Make-up somehow can really change your outside personality, depending on what you look like after putting it on. This is a simple face make-over tip that I can share from my experience as a beauty expert.


Do you think using make-up does really work among all the ladies? Knowing that we are now at the mink lashes present and modern time, ladies are being more creative in applying make-up than before. Although, make-up is not just applying it to your face but you also need to concentrate on how it suits your look.  Aside from that we should also know the difference between a day and a night make-up. You will need a lot of practice to all of this for the art of make-over to show a remarkable change your image.


First, it is very important that you know your own face and you have studied it carefully without make-up for you to have a better idea and for it to be easier for you to enhance your facial appearance. Once you have examined yourself then proceed to the daily routine and make sure you pamper yourself with skincare product. Because the natural beauty is still desirable at the end of the day and make-up is just being used to enhance it.


To begin with the face make-over be sure you have the tools and materials ready which is your make-up kit. Then apply foundation that is suitable to your skin tone. Don't forget to check the color of your face in daylight and be sure that it matches your neck. If there is any spot or discoloration apply concealer followed by light powder for a natural finishing look. To reshapes the brows use darkening pencil or brush up in place with a little sweep of clear mascara. Softly retrace penciled area (from lashes outward) with black eye shadow. Remember to make sure that the eye shadow is not so thick but just right for your eyes to be a little outstanding. You can also use beige powder eye shadow to highlight brow bones and eyelids. Choosing lighter eye shadow like pastel color looks softer while darker color looks more dramatic. But most important is that you blend the color of your eye shadow base on your outfit.


 For the eyeliner gently pull lid from eye and draw a line along upper and lower inner rim from each corner as to create a smoky effect.  Additional false eyelashes will be better if you want to have an outstanding look. Then constantly apply a pink blusher to the cheek to create a rosy effect. Finally draw a line inside the natural lip, filled in the color lipstick you want to apply. For your lips to look more kissable just coat a lip gloss on it.  By night make-up add a little more to the shade, blusher and lipstick to make it thicker as this will emphasize your face and look more sophisticated.



For a professional beauty expert there are still lots of new techniques to be learned when it comes to make-up. But what I say is that if you want your face to be more radiant you need to invest in good quality make-up and I guarantee that when you apply it you will see a big difference to the way you look. There are many beauty products in the market to choose from ask for a professional advice to a beauty expert. Feel free to visit my website:  for free access to a lot more information about beauty and health for your body. Our face is an asset as well as our body that's why we need to be knowledgeable on how to enhance it as well as how to take good care of it.