No-Make Up Look - Getting It Right

No-Make Up Look - Getting It Right

While make up can be a lot of fun most of the time, there are days when a girl just needs her face to rest and take on the "simple" conservative girl look. Or sometimes we just need to show of great skin that foundation hides during workdays and take on the natural glow. It's on days like this that you can throw in the mink lashes palette for the "no-make-up". And yes, this look still needs a bit of makeup to pull off.


Most women assume that looking natural and glowing does not take much effort or skill. The opposite is true: Clean, glowing skin, just-pinched cheeks and subtly glossy lips need just the right amount of product, coverage and some fancy brushwork to achieve. Most makeup experts say that this no-makeup look could even need more color and a range of products just to appear as natural as possible.


However, when you don't have the time for blending colors or putting on false eyelashes, there are some tricks you can use to create your most natural look. You will need some excellent products and a few good-quality brushes and you can get started on creating this simple-girl look. Remember, less is more. Too much bronzer or a heavy lipstick can ruin the entire look easily.


The first products you will apply are a concealer and a matte foundation that blends well with your skin. Unless you are blessed with amazing skin, you can also replace the matte foundation with a few drops of tinted moisturizer which allows a subtle glow to shine through. Lightly pat concealer on blemishes and uneven skin patches. It would also be better to use a flat brush to apply concealer. If blemishes are near your eye area, choose a concealer a shade lighter than your face. If you are covering pimples, use another concealer that exactly matches your skin tone.


Apply a layer of liquid foundation in your skin tone if you need heaver coverage on darker spots or birthmarks. Let all of these set for a few minutes before applying the other products.


Lightly dust your entire face with a translucent powder to set the foundation. If you have oily skin, apply a primer or a mattifying product as your base before you apply foundation or tinted moisturizer. For combination skin, limit the application of mattifying products only on the parts that tend to be oily like on the nose and parts of your forehead. Don't pat powder on your cheeks to allow your natural oils to seep through and give you a soft glow.


Lightly put a small amount of pale matte eyeshadow on the eyelids and try not to use the shimmery kind. Sweep a darker color over the base and blend both colors so there are no visible lines. Brown and yellow based shadows work very well with the natural look. If you must use blush, choose a pale color and lightly sweep it across your cheekbones twice.


Use clear mascara on your lashes after you've curled them. If you need to use black or crown mascara, use only two coats at the most to prevent clumping. Dab a layer of lip tint over your lips for a hint of color. Apply a lip balm or gloss over the tint to set it and your "natural" face is done! Just remember to touch up your face with translucent powder once it gets too oily.


Michael Russell


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