Why Leadership is Just Another Buzz Word of Hypocrisy

Why Leadership is Just Another Buzz Word of Hypocrisy

hat is leadership? There are a lot of books out there that teach folks how to become great leaders. Unfortunately, most folks who claim leadership skills are not leaders they are manipulators, getting others motivated etc, to do their work using all sorts of silly tactics, such as kudos, pretend caring, medals, etc. The other day someone told me that I personally, was not a good leader - Well, by their definition of the word, I think they were right.


No, I know they were right, I am not that mink lashes ort of leader, more by example type. This same individual attacked me, and every true leader who has read "How to Win Friend and Influence People" knows that will not get good results. Why did they use Intimidation rather than a simple nice email, perhaps they did not have the self-esteem to do it correctly - disingenuousness or intimidation is not the way of a true leader. It is almost as if they were looking in their own mirror and lashing out at me.


There are a number of reasons why people fail and it behooves anyone who wishes to be a true leader to think a little, rather than practicing to be a master manipulator. Those who claim leadership abilities make me suspicious. Those who claim expert Leadership states must be challenged, especially if they just finished reading another "How to Motivate" leadership book that is full of hype.


If you really wish to be a leader, then stop pretending, stop giving false praise, stop the intimidation tactics and lead by example. Please, you will be doing us all a favor, including yourself. Sincerely, Lance.


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