Is Faith a Mental Attitude Or Fleeting Belief?

Is Faith a Mental Attitude Or Fleeting Belief?

Faith is things hoped for


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Those things we can see and have knowledge of are part of our experience while those things we can't see we must accept in faith: Material things are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.


Every day, we unconsciously exhibit faith; driving our car, crossing a bridge, flying on an airplane as mink lashes well as many other things; we have faith in their safety and trustworthiness. It is in faith of our belief that we are able to reduce fear and anxiety to acceptable levels. While we believe something is going to work we still must have trust and have faith in its validity.


Science bends truth


Science tends to reduce faith to understanding while not explaining human confidence. If we are to know the spiritual value of faith, then, within our mind, we must practice its acceptance, Wherever anything enters our thought that refutes the reality of our belief then, in complete confidence, we must clarify to ourselves the reason this destructive thought of doubt has no power; you will find that the explanation are in the cure.


All reasoning's are built upon the belief, the convention, the faith that we are living in a spiritual world and everything is subject to certain laws. All discord stems from a misunderstanding or misdirection of this profound principle. While discord is a denial of truth it in no way changes its reality.


Our experiences validate reality


In order to experience accord (good) there also must be the possibility of discord (evil). At one time mankind believed the world was flat but this belief didn't make it a reality. Truth is always truth no matter how many people believe differently. Here is where caution comes in. Believe only in truth.


The big problem in the world of today is, what is truth? Every day truth is stretched a little farther, a little tighter until one day it will lash back. and cripple the very society that preached its importance. Two times two is always four. If a architect started building a building on the assumption that two times two equals five, in using this wrong calculation, the further along the building got, the farther off the measurements would be. Ignorance never changes the laws of nature, but it does restrict our use of them.


The Importance of faith


I can't stress enough, we must acquire an energizing faith. We must practice mental and spiritual enthusiasm, every day, in every situation. We can never be too careful to remember this, or too be clear in affirming it. A reviving faith is the realized belief which gives validity to the law.


Belief turned into cause in one of the most powerful forces on earth. People are willing to die for a cause they feel strongly about. It is faith that propels the mind into such a strong belief and action. Without faith the mind can't focus, it becomes confused and anxious withdrawing in fear. It doesn't know what to believe in or have faith in, it will cower into a self made prison.


Faith is the key to freedom and all the good in living. Love, passion, excitement all are fortified by faith. The spirit of faith knows no opposition and is directed entirely by our choices. We step out in faith and the spirit follows. We are directed toward good values and morals, and the spirit gives us strength. Faith allows us to connect with spirit and proceed in its assurance.


When a person has no faith


A person with no faith is a person lost, but then, everyone has faith in something. A person may not believe in something and his/her non belief is strengthened in the faith of their convection. So, faith and belief stand in good and bad actions.


Faith and belief has no preference, it is the projector who directs their cause. Faith is always present as well as belief because they are laws not actions. People put faith and belief into action through their perceptions. A perception must include faith and belief in order to be a perception. Observance is not perception, it is viewing without determination. When an event or thing is perceived a determination is made if it is true or false. This determination results in the person's ability to direct his/her actions.


Both faith and belief direct a person toward a finial conclusion. As faith materializes into reality, it becomes convection. Through affirmation of the convection action is taken. When a person embraces a religion, they become convinced through belief and faith in the belief that it is the right thing for them. As their convection grows, their exuberance also grows and their mind demands action. Faith has overridden doubt and belief has become a mindset.


They become ineffective


It stands to reason that we cannot be effective in life while entertaining doubt and fear. We must conclude fear is not God directed. Fear is an inner uncertainty of self. Doubt and confusion are a result of a belief in separation from God. We must realize there has never been a separation and that all fear stems from self. It is the self in man/women that accepts wrong as a choice.


Power to the people


All power flows through us as we partake in its possibilities. We must reassure ourselves that good and only good can influence our thinking. We are in control of our abilities and are thankful for God's laws as they influence our lives.


Happy Trails


Donald Yates, Former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research, is now retired but continues to assist young people in engaging life through self discovery, Life course planning, intuitiveness and fulfillment. Learn how you can build a powerful organization of your own.